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Adventurous fashion to wear to work and to the party afterwards.
Clothes for women, men and children.

Interview with David Max, Managing Director of DANDY DELIRIUM


David, what makes you laugh?

Crazy people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

What made you start a business with this offer? What was the idea behind it?

I wanted to bring something fun and colourful to Basel. My shop is designed to make people smile even if they don’t buy anything! An assortment of highly original and novel products that simply cannot be found in Basel or nearby, was a big motivation for me to start Dandy Delirium.

How did the name «Dandy Delirium» come about?

My wife and I were strolling along the Hauptstrasse in Gstaad and we were tossing ideas back and forth. I was pretty certain, at that point, that the word Dandy would be in the title. But I couldn’t come up with anything else, and luckily my brilliant wife just blurted out Dandy Delirium. She doesnt know where it came from, but I knew immediately that it was the perfect name. It describes very accurately the environment of the shop.

Often people come in, and because there are so many bright colors and patterns and prints everywhere, they get a little overwhelmed and need time to gather their minds, as one would while experiencing a ´delirium´….

What makes your store different from others in your industry?

Basel is a rather conservative city, with mostly conservative fashion options. My store has that eccentric article or accessory that other stores would not stock, and probably think are a little crazy, but that make the outfit something really special, something that will make an impression. Also, the prices. In Dandy Delirium, you will always be surprised at how reasonable the prices are!

With what budget can you find something great?

Socks are the lowest priced item, from CHF 12.- per pair. The focus of the shop are the shirts, from CHF 89.- for the long-sleeved, and CHF 65.- for the short-sleeved Polo shirts.

Which garment is the most sold at the moment?

Actually, the most-sold garment is the long sleeve, button down dress shirts for men (which come in a Tailored or Straight Cut), women and children (ages 6-14)

What are your plans for the future with your shop?

My plans for this shop are to continue to offer highly novel, original fashion and accessory merchandise for the shopper and eye-candy for the window shopper. My shop is a reflection of my personality and my tastes. The hope is that as the store continues to acquire inventory, that it becomes more and more a window into my psyche. I do not follow trends, nor am I interested in them, however I am always looking toward the future while remembering the things from the past that I love, which, for me, never go out of style.

What do customers ask you most often?

Customers ask me, ‚How did you get here?‘ By this they mean, ‚How does a NYC boy end up with a shop on Spalenvorstadt?‘ Well, it is a long story, but there is a shortened version of it, which can be found on the Dandy Delirium homepage under ‚Our Story‘.

Interview: MyCityShops, mp, 2019

Tips from the expert

Have the courage to combine patterns! ‚Power Clashing‘ is what I call it. It looks SO cool when done with courage.
A person should wear what they see themselves wearing, in their imagination.
A person should wear what fits their body, no matter what the tag says. Bodies are like snowflakes, every one different. Sometimes something made for a woman, will fit a mans body better than the one made for it! Sometimes, the large children size will fit a women better, depending on her body type.
Some women like to wear mens underwear, and some men fit better in womens pants! My lovely wife Rebekka, wears Bow’Ties to her work offices, and she has noticed how much more respectful and seriously her associates react to her work. Clothing communicates energy, it communicates it strongly!

Shop Impressions

Dandy Delirium, mycityshops
mycityshops, Dandy Delirium


DANDY DELIRIUM is a store full of expressionistic clothes and accessories near the Spalentor Basel. In this shop you are truly in the delirium of colours. David Max makes Basel a little more colourful with his offer and conveys to us: Courage to colours & patterns!


Spalenvorstadt 32
4051 Basel
Tel. +41 061 263 80 00

Opening hours

Wednesday-Friday 10:30 am – 18:00 pm

Saturday 10:30 am – 17:00 pm

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